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Aerith's Adventure Log

Flowers for sale, 1 gil

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Umm... there's not much to know about me, really. I live in the Midgar slums with my mother, I grow flowers to help her out with the power bills, I'm dating this guy who happens to be a SOLDIER first class...

Um, I'm pretty good with Materia, I suppose.

And gardening, obviously.

((OOC Note: This is a sockpuppet journal for the sages_of_chaos community. Aerith/Aeris (I use Aerith, but I'm not picky) is property of Squaresoft and I'm not making any money off of this.... neither is Aerith, much to her chagrin. If you have any questions, you can IM me or contact me in my regular journal, raisedbymoogles.

...yes, I'm obsessed, why do you ask?))